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Bead Cutting Saw for UPVC Window and Door WD-YTJ-1800

Bead Cutting Saw for UPVC Window and Door WD-YTJ-1800

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Processing Performance and Feature
Special use in cutting glazing bead of PVC win-door.
Special combination saw cutting steady which can avoid the inner corner welding tumor of sash simultaneously so that make the glazing bead to be connected well and looks nice.
Adopt the special mold which can cut two pieces of profile at one time.
Special measurement device which ensures the size precision when cutting so that eliminating the errors between processed sash and glazing bead during they are assembling.
The vertical direction adjustable angle compaction system which adapted different profiles and make the press more reliably.
Pneumatic infeeding and the speed linearity adjustable.
Both hand concurrent operation button, ensures the operator safety.

Technical Parameter  
Input power source 380V/50Hz Max. cutting width 100mm
Total power 1.5Kw Max. cutting height 45mm
Working air pressure 0.4~0.6MPa Cutting length 320~1800mm
air consumption 80L/min Dimension 2560×1260×1350mm
Diameter of saw 230mm Weight 200kg

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