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Mullion Saw WDVC-55

Mullion Saw WDVC-55

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Function:Used for V-shaped mullion cutting

1.Two Saw blade with 90 degree layout, one time two V shape cutting, high cutting precision and efficiency.
2. Horizontal structure and stable running for high cutting precision.
3. Patent technology to prevent collapsing during cutting procedure.
4. Waste profile only produced in saw estuary, high utilization.

Main Parameter
Air Pressure  0.5-0.8(MPa)
Air Consumption  30(L/min)
Input Voltage 3N-50Hz 380/220V
Input Power  3(Kw)
Spindle RotarySpeed 2800(r/min)
Cutting Height 110(mm)
Cutting Width 120(mm)
Cutting Length 300-2100(mm)
Overall Dimension 7500mm*1380mm*1300mm
Weight 300(kg)



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