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Two Head Seamless Welding Machine WD-WFH-4500.2

Two Head Seamless Welding Machine WD-WFH-4500.2

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This machine is a new type of specialized equipment for welding colored plastic doors and windows, which can simultaneously weld various forms of window frames. This machine has two welding heads, which can be operated jointly or individually to achieve welding of typesTwo Head Seamless Welding PVC UPVC Door Window Making Manufacturing Machineand’ F ‘. During operation, the operator only needs to insert the profile and start automatic operation to complete the entire welding process.

Adopting high-precision linear motion pairs; The overall casting mechanism and heavy-duty frame structure of the pressure clamp ensure good rigidity of the entire machine; High machining accuracy of components, strict assembly quality control, and good stability.
The upper pressure clamp adopts a forced coplanar structure and a high rigidity design, ensuring a seamless upper surface effect when welding double-sided color profiles;
Electrical components such as cylinders, solenoid valves, PLCs, and low-voltage electrical appliances have been strictly screened and have high reliability
The positioning mechanism of the profile adopts a rigid clamping structure, which strictly ensures the welding fusion and high dimensional accuracy of the welded products.
Heating timing control, strictly in accordance with European welding standards, with high welding angle and small fluctuation range.

Main Parameter
 Working pressure  0.5-0.8(MPa)
Air Consumption 100(L/min)
Input power supply 380V 50Hz
Power 2.5(Kw)
Welding profile height  20-100mm
Welding profile width 120(mm)
Cutting Width max120mm
Welding range 370-350mm
External dimensions 4500mm * 1200mm * 2000mm
Weight 1200(kg)

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