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About Us

* We provide perfect solutions for the window and door machine industry.

Shandong Windoor Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong windoor machinery Co., Ltd. located in Jinan, Shandong where is the window and door machine manufacturing base . The registered capital of the company is 10,000,000 yuan. As a professional manufacturer, we are not only engaged in the manufacture of window and door machine, but also engaged in research, marketing and providing after-sales service. We provide perfect solutions for the window and door machine industry. Our projects include: aluminum window and doors machine, PVC/UPVC window and door machine, window and door glass machine. Besides, we have CNC windows and doors machines, cutting machine and aluminum processing equipment and so on.

The company's major markets include: Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and so on. We are committed to the development of window and door industry in order to promote the prosperity of the global win-door industry.
we have excellent employees and standardized scientific management system, only in this way, the enterprise can flourish. The company is based on mutual respect, dedication and a social culture. Diligence, innovation and to make contributions to the win-door industry is our company's basic concept. In the production process, the concept of excellence, innovation, integration for the company to achieve the international mechanical standard manufacturing provides a solid guarantee.
Windows and doors are the eyes of the building. We are constantly striving for the buildings that human beings depend on survival. We look forward to a better tomorrow!

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Shandong Windoor Machinery is developed and manufactured by senior professionals in the industry to realize independent innovation, master core technologies and ensure technological leadership in the industry. Adhering to the advanced machining concept of the machinery industry, we have adopted the industry-leading digital and refined precision machining equipment, ensuring the "smart design and precision manufacturing" of Best products.

The company has set up a standardized manufacturing process and finished product inspection system to manufacture and inspect each piece of equipment higher than the industry standard, and three inspection procedures before leaving the factory to ensure that the products are qualified.

We guarantee the quality of product, not only reflected in the rigorous manufacturing, but also on the global supplier of screening, we insist on adopting the international first-class brand spare parts, and each piece of spare parts warehouse, there are professional spare parts quality inspection personnel for strict quality control, fundamentally ensure the quality of products.

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