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Aluminum Profile CNC Drilling Milling Machine WDZ-CNC-1200

Aluminum Profile CNC Drilling Milling Machine WDZ-CNC-1200

Short Description:

Suitable for forming the end faces and stepped faces of various profiles, so as to adapt to the coordination of profiles of different sections and to fix the profiles.

Product Detail

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1.Suitable for drilling, milling, round holes, special-shaped holes, plane engraving and other processing of aluminum profiles.
2.The system adopts CNC numerical control system.
3.Equipped with electric spindle, high precision, good safety and high reliability.
4.X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis are driven by high-density ball screws driven by servo motors, with stable transmission and high precision.
5.Graphic programming, simple operation, high efficiency and low labor intensity.
6.The worktable can be turned over 180º, -90º~0º~+90º, and the profile can be processed on three sides by one clamping. When processing deep through holes (special-shaped holes), deep hole processing can be realized by turning the table over, with high efficiency and high precision. 

Technical Parameter

Power supply  380V/50Hz
Spindle power  3.5KW
Spindle speed  18000r/min
Working pressure  0.5~0.8MPa
X-axis stroke  1200mm
Y-axis travel  300mm
Z-axis travel  280mm
Processing range  110(W)×150mm(H)
Holder type  ER25×Φ8
Dimensions  1600×1500×2000mm
Total weight of equipment  600KG

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