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Ordinary Lock Hole Groove WD-SKC01-100

Ordinary Lock Hole Groove WD-SKC01-100

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Processing Performance and Feature 

Professional use for processing handles in three holes and the slots which for installing the hardwares.
The three-hole driller has the special twist drill which can drill the aluminum alloy profile and PVC profile with steel inlaid.
The copy routing size is controlled by the stardard template and the proportion is 1:1.
Adopt the high-speed copy-routing milling head.
Double-step copy routing design which suitable for the requirement in many kinds of size of copying.
Can processing different slots controlled by the pole.
Technical Parameter  

Input power source 380V/50Hz Copying routingrange 290mm×90mm
Total power 2.25Kw Diameter of three-hole drill Φ10mm,Φ12mm,Φ10mm
Working air pressure 0.4~0.6MPa Rotated speed of three driller 900r/min
Air consumption 30L/min Adjustable range of the three-hole drill 330×85×100mm
Diameter of milling cutter Φ5mm,Φ8 mm Dimension 4050×1130×1500mm
Machine head electromotor revs 12000r/mim Weight 260kg


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