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CNC Corner Cleaner WDJA-CNC-120

CNC Corner Cleaner WDJA-CNC-120

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WDCU-150 is a single head CNC corner cleaner. Works on frame or sash, this machine features a wide variety of programmable cleaning tools.
Main Features
Two axis servo controlled tool carriage
Up and bottom surface ,vertical outside contour and inner weld beading can be cleaned automatically
Optional custom knives for sloped, beveled or radiused surfaces
A variety of processing programs can be stored
High quality electrical, pneumatic components with good stability and relibility
With dust collector
The interface is user- friendly and makes programming quick and simple
Fully guarded for operator safety.

Main Parameter for PVC Window CNC Corner Cleaning Machine UPVC CNC Corner Cleaner

Input Voltage   380V 50HZ
Input Power  2.1kW
Air Pressure 0.5~0.8MPa
Air Consumption  400L J/min
Rotation 4000r/min
Processing height 30~150mm
Processing width 30~110mm
Overall dimension  2000mm x 2320mm x 2100mm
Weight  1000kg


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