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Aluminum Profile Knurling Machine KCJ-CNC-02B

Aluminum Profile Knurling Machine KCJ-CNC-02B

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Aluminum Profile Knurling Machine

1. This machine adopts a CNC system, which can be adjusted in both vertical and horizontal directions, or manually.
2. This machine adopts PLC control, with touch screen display of parameters, easy adjustment, and can store hundreds of profile formulas.
3. Replacing profiles does not require adjustment, making them suitable for both home decoration and engineering purposes.
4. Used for rolling teeth and threading in aluminum profile grooves
5. The gear cutting machine is a key equipment for improving the shear force of insulation strips and aluminum alloy composite profiles. By running the gear cutting tool at high speed, the aluminum alloy profile is embedded in the insulated groove for gear cutting, greatly improving the shear force of the aluminum material.

technical parameter

Working voltage AC380V
external air source air pressure 0.6MPa
Tooth cutter diameter medium 80mm
Processed profile section 200 × 250mm
Speed 0-90m/min
Support frame 460 × 5000mm
Overall size 1000 ×1200 × 1550mm

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