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window Worktable for Glass Assembly-WDB- 3800

window Worktable for Glass Assembly-WDB- 3800

Short Description:

For glass assembling, and adjusting the relative position of hardware on casement window frame and sash.

Product Detail

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Composed of vertical worktable, left and right clamping arms and adjusting device.
Simulate the actual force for PVC window under vertical instal-lation status, for glass installation and adjusting the position of frame and sash, to get good opening /closing performance.
Rigid structure, firm and reliable.
On the surface equipped with anti- -slip rubber strip, which can prevent the profile from scratch.
It can work separately or be connected to the production line.

Technical parameters

Air Pressure 0.5~0.8MPa
Max. Processing Size 2500mm 3200mm
Air Consumption 50L/min
Overall Dimension 3900mmx 1150mm x 2400mm
Min. Processing Size 900mm
Weight 700kg

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