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Wd02 Two-component Sealant Coating Machine

Wd02 Two-component Sealant Coating Machine

Short Description:

Low primary pump adopts imported main, pneumatic motor, steady drive.

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Equipment Features

1.Low primary pump adopts imported main, pneumatic motor, steady drive.
2.Pure pneumatic control, fission type structure, easy to use, easy to operate.
3.Stepless adjustment, low ratio of a two-component structure satisfies the requirement of accurate ratio.
4.Adopt international popular static reciprocating mixer, mixing more uniform.
5.Multichannel filtering device, eliminate impurities into the pump body.
6.Check valve adopts high wear-resisting material directional stability, equipment long service life.
7.Device is equipped with a safety valve, high pressure automatic reflow, security work safety

Main Parameter

Mixing Ratio 6:1~14:1 55
Material Bucket (200L)
Air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 0.8M /min
Max. Dispensing Pressure 25Mpa
Output 4~10L/min
Weight 500kg
Overall Dimension 1870×800×1750mm

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