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Precautions for commissioning of door and window equipment

Precautions for commissioning of door and window equipment

Many aluminum door and window manufacturing enterprises have not actually operated the equipment before purchasing it, so here are some details about the installation and debugging of door and window equipment.

First, in terms of electricity. The voltage of 380V is the normal voltage for general door and window mechanical equipment (other voltage equipment at the customer’s location can be customized). The voltage must be stable, and the line should not affect equipment use and personnel operation as much as possible. Ground lines should be protected with shields.

 Second, in terms of gas supply. As the pressing of door and window equipment requires sufficient air supply, it can be better used. This is the basis for achieving cylinder compression. Under normal circumstances, there are fixed parameter requirements for the air supply volume and air pressure of the door and window equipment, namely, the air supply flow should reach 0.3, and the air pressure should also be able to reach 8 pressures. In the case of multiple door and window equipment, it is necessary to prepare more air storage tanks, which depends on the actual situation. If the air pressure is not reached, the accuracy of the door and window processing equipment will have a corresponding impact, and the processing effect will also deviate from expectations.

Third, in terms of equipment. There are many types of aluminum door and window equipment for bridge breaking, and each type of equipment may have multiple models, or different parts of various equipment, etc. Therefore, in the installation and commissioning of door and window equipment, it is necessary to coordinate the work of various areas and grasp every detail.

Fourth, in terms of space, in the equipment use area, it is necessary to reasonably arrange the equipment placement, so as to achieve a seamless process from the storage and sawing of raw materials to the delivery of finished doors and windows, without the problem of having to move materials to the west while cutting materials from the east.

 Fifth, security. Special personnel shall be assigned to the equipment for its exclusive use, and the safety use specifications for the equipment and handling methods for safety accidents shall be posted.

Sixth, equipment maintenance. The maintenance of equipment should be carried out by dedicated personnel, and before maintenance, it is necessary to cut off power and gas. After daily use, clean the equipment and debris, and inspect the equipment for abnormalities.

Post time: Mar-30-2023