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Assembly process of aluminum alloy doors and windows

Assembly process of aluminum alloy doors and windows

The aluminum alloy door and window equipment we often hear actually refers to the equipment used to process aluminum alloy doors and windows, including hydraulic angle assembly machine, press, double-head cutting saw, full-automatic angle code saw, high-speed single-axis profiling milling machine, end milling machine, etc. The following editor will tell you about the assembly process of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

The frame and leaf assembly of aluminum alloy doors and windows are connected by screws, so whether it is the assembly of horizontal and vertical bars or the fixing of accessories, it is necessary to drill holes in corresponding positions. Small bench drill or pistol electric drill can be used for profile drilling. The small bench drill can effectively ensure the accuracy of the drilling position because of its workbench, and the pistol electric drill will also be used frequently because of its convenient operation.

Before drilling, snap the line on the profile for positioning in advance according to the assembly requirements. The drilling position must be accurate and the hole diameter must be appropriate. The drilling cannot be changed repeatedly on the profile surface because once the hole is formed, it is difficult to repair.

The profiles are connected and assembled with screws through connectors according to the requirements of the detailed drawing of the construction. The aluminum alloy doors and windows can be assembled in three ways: right angle butt joint, vertical butt joint and 45 ° angle butt joint. The horizontal and vertical bars are generally connected with special connectors or aluminum angles, and then fixed with bolts, screws or aluminum rivets

After the semi-finished products are assembled and passed the inspection, they can be packed after being cleaned and sealed with the product certificate. During the manufacturing process, the technicians should operate according to the process standards. Because aluminum alloy doors and windows do not use waterproof profiles, each connection point should be firmly fixed with waterproof film, and the inside and outside of the glass should be sealed tightly with glass glue to achieve the ideal waterproof effect.

Post time: Mar-16-2023