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2023 Shanghai Construction Expo and the 33rd China International Green Building Decoration Expo

2023 Shanghai Construction Expo and the 33rd China International Green Building Decoration Expo

2023 Shanghai Construction Expo and the 33rd China International Green Building Decoration Expo


Meet in Shanghai once a year, with brand enterprises participating in the grand event! Green buildings, new building materials, exciting August Shanghai Construction Expo, providing comprehensive and professional solutions for the construction decoration industry.

Exhibition Overview

Organizer: Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Shanghai Jianzhi Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai Qizhan Business Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibition time: August 10-12, 2023

Exhibition location: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road)

Exhibition scale: 100000 square meters

For the top real estate, architecture, design, and hotel industry in Asia

Provide one-stop high-quality building material procurement and solutions

200000 square meters, 2200 exhibitors, 100000 visitors from around the world



Exhibition Area Scope:


Door and window exhibition area: Sunshine room, aluminum alloy doors and windows, system doors and windows, screen windows, solid wood doors, fire doors, garage doors, aluminum profiles, special accessories for doors and windows

Smart Home Exhibition Area: Smart Sockets, Smart Home Music System, Internet of Things, Smart Locks, Smart Home;

Mechanical exhibition area: photo machines, printers, scanners, carving machines, door and window machinery, woodworking machinery, complete sets of production and processing equipment for wooden doors;

Door accessories: sunshade systems, technical fabrics and fabric factories, drive and control systems, etc;

Architectural Decoration Hardware Exhibition Area: Architectural Hardware, Door Locks and Accessories, Biometric Products, Door Control Hardware and Accessories, Automatic Doors and Other Components, Window System Hardware, Curtain Wall and Accessories, Glass Hardware, Clothes Hangers and Components, Partitions and Accessories, Decoration Hardware, Furniture Hardware, etc;

Wall decoration/wallpaper, fabric/soft bag exhibition area: integrated walls, wall panels, internal and external wall insulation, walls/wallpaper, wall coverings, home visit fabric, soft bags, leather, leather carving, diatomaceous mud, wallpaper adhesives, wallpaper tools, wallpaper production machinery and equipment, curtains, accessories, picture frames, etc;

Kitchen and bathroom HVAC exhibition area: overall kitchen, kitchen appliances, kitchen materials and accessories, faucets, sanitary ware, shower rooms, swimming pools, saunas, bathroom hardware and accessories, plumbing materials, refrigeration and heating equipment, etc;

Ceiling Exhibition Area: Integrated Ceiling, Metal Ceiling, Ceiling Processing Machinery, Soft Film Ceiling, Aluminum Plate/Lead Plate/Point/Unit/Metal Curtain Wall, Curtain Wall Accessories, Sunboard, Gypsum Products, Processing Machinery, etc;

Coatings and Chemical Building Materials Exhibition Area: Wall/Waterproof/Floor Coatings, Coating Additives, Coating Packaging Materials, Dry Powder Mortar, Adhesives, Admixtures, Additives, Building Adhesives, Joint Sealants, Anti rust Materials, Technology and Related Equipment; Painting tools, etc;

Lighting exhibition area: LED, furniture lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, lighting decoration. (Special professional exhibition area)




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