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Automatic Insulating Glass Flat-press Production Line Wd2500

Automatic Insulating Glass Flat-press Production Line Wd2500

Short Description:

PLC control, touch sensitive screen human-machine interface, operation is more convenient and intuitive.

The production line can identify coated glass and low-E glass, feeding automatic sheet arrangement

(independent transmission).

Product Detail

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Main Features

Numerical control insulating glass production line, which can save work time and improve production efficiency.
Produce the Step IG Unit and three Piece IG production according to the customers’ different request.
Specially designed for step insulating glass and Two, three and four layers of insulating glass processing.
Segmented acceleration, plate pressure maintenance big pressure, automatic positioning system for glass

Main Parameter

Power 380V 50Hz 30KW
Air Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Max working Size 2500×3500mm
Min working Size 280×480mm
Glass washing thickness 3~18mm
Insulating glass thickness ≤80mm
Transfer Speed 0~50m/min
Washing speed 2~15m/min
Overall dimension 24800×2700×3550mm

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