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Aluminum profile CNC drilling and milling center WD-CNC-3200Z

Aluminum profile CNC drilling and milling center WD-CNC-3200Z

Short Description:

Suitable for drilling, milling, round holes, special-shaped holes, lock holes, hinge holes of narrow-side doors, hinges of heaven and earth, slotting and digging of aluminum profiles.(Programming customization)

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1.It is suitable for the processing of round holes, slot holes, key holes and special-shaped holes of industrial aluminum profiles, window and door, and curtain wall profiles(Programming customization)
2.The spindle adopts an air-cooled electric spindle with a power of 9KW and a maximum speed of 24000 rpm, with high precision, good safety and high reliability.
3.The German PA industrial CNC system is equipped with professional CAD-CAM programming software, with powerful functions, simple operation and high efficiency.
4.Standard equipped with 6 tool magazines, which can realize continuous and uninterrupted processing.
5.The worktable is turned 180°, -90°~0°~+90°, and the profile can be processed on three sides by one clamping. When processing deep through holes (special-shaped holes), deep hole processing can be realized by turning the worktable, which improves efficiency and good quality.
1.The automatic mercury oil supply system is adopted, and the tool adopts a system-controlled spray cooling device.
2.The main components of the machine tool are made of steel, all of which have undergone vibration aging stress relief treatment to ensure stable operation of the machine tool.

Technical Parameter

Power supply 380V/3Phase/50Hz
Total power 11.5Kw
Air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
Electric spindle power 9Kw
Spindle taper hole ISO-30
Maximum speed 24000/min
X/Y/Z axis stroke 3200mm/400mm/300mm
X axis feeding speed 60M/min
Y/Z axis feeding speed 40M/min
Processing range 130(width)×150mm(height)
Overall dimension 4000×1800×2200mm

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